Release Your Lower Back

Suffering from tightness and pain in your lower back? Feel like you’re being squeezed by a vice? There are a few tricks I’ve learned along the way that have helped a whole lot! They’re simple moves, really, and can be done almost anywhere. I go in the living room and use the floor space in there every morning to get my hips and spine loosen goosey for the day, and while my blood gets flowing, my thoughts do, too. It’s a great time to do some praying, creative thinking, or listening to an inspirational audio from someone like Eric Thomas.

With my spine injuries and the stiffness and mobility challenges that came with them, taking care of my spine daily is a matter of survival, the cost to keep operating like a wild gorilla on the grind, but it’s also about priming my body for the day ahead. Getting up early enough to go through a routine like this instantly sets you apart and sets your metabolism, mindset, and energy level at a competitive advantage over most other people you’ll encounter on a given day.

These moves are just the first part, meant to loosen, warm up, and release tightness and pain from the lower back.  I’ll post more in the future, and those will be geared toward strengthening and stabilizing that critical set of core muscles that have so much to do with your energy and well being. We’ll get you back up to fully operational, “crushing it” status in no time.





So, which move was the most helpful for you?


Here’s to Your Health!