INVEST: catch a vision for developing value today that can enrich you tomorrow.

I have an old drum set that’s a monster. It’s a lively blue that’s somewhere between disco and hair metal.  I got it from an interesting fellow at his yard sale. He was an old school drummer whose health was in decline, and as the hospital bill stacked up, the family was looking to downsize to another place with fewer bedrooms since their kids were grown. He had a skin condition and spoke with a distinct accent, probably coming from a childhood speech impediment.

We had a fun connection that sunny day in the front yard while his wife brought the smaller pieces of the drum set out from the basement. I told him about the music program I was building at the school and he showed me the airbrushed license plate style graphic he had made from the front of the bass drum.  I figured I would give it some TLC and take it to the school where kids could use it, and maybe one day it would be worth more as a vintage item, and I could sell it once we had more equipment donated.

That was a one time move, a purchase that probably had more value in it than others than myself.  Buying original signed paintings or land would be a more solid and assured thing. But there are other kinds of investments that can allow us to live a more rich life. I work out four times a week, and every day and drink my whole food beverage that floods my body with nutrients to function at its best. I read personal development books and apply what I’ve learned when I’m talking to my prospects, my friends, and my students.

The time and money spent on these things is an investment that pays off in results that are sometimes invisible for a season, until I have a sweet victory. Then, I can look back and say my decisions had some part in the growth I made, the life I affected, the shape I’m in, or the general quality of life I have today. I’m not sick, I have a working marriage with a beautiful girl, and I get to develop people by helping them achieve their own small measure of success to build on, and build on. When we see the potential in someone, we can begin to add value there. And it starts with the attitude we have towards ourselves, and others.


Here’s to Your Greatness,