Grasping the Wellness in “Health and Wellness”

I’ve always been pretty lean and lanky. I was active in soccer and cross country growing up in school, and never struggled with body weight.  I’m one of those people that “could eat anything they want and not gain a pound.” But as I’ve gotten a bit older, I’ve realized that because of my genetics and some great parents who set a good dinner table, I never had to develop good strategies around my long term health and wellness.  Stress and injury, addictions, and a busy schedule have shouldered their way into my life, and I’ve felt the consequences. What I see now is that we each have to become intentional about our health according to the body type we have, and the lifestyle we desire, and none of that is easy if done properly. The person living across the street may appear to have what you want, and appear to have it easily, but the key to getting the health you deserve is becoming clear about what works for you, and resisting the urge to compare yourself to the journey that others are on.

Give yourself permission in the New Year to spoil yourself in a healthy way, to coach yourself and encourage yourself, and ask for the help you need. We only have one body, and there is no dress rehearsal.  What works for you may not work for others, and vice versa.  Results may be slower to appear for some people.  But it’s also not just about trying to look good, either for yourself or for others, although that may not be a bad thing for you.  We also need to listen to ourselves and ask the question: is this lifestyle feeling good for me? That’s the whole “Wellness” side to the “Health and Wellness” picture.  And it is difficult to slow down long enough to tune in to what your body and spirit are saying in their silent language.  The sad truth is that we often treat our wellness with a leaning toward an ideal that may not be good for us.  We wrestle each day with how we feel about ourselves and how we may look to others. Looking at ourselves in the mirror can be a lonely and discouraging task.  Before you set your goals this year, remember that you are created with your own kind of beauty, and your health plan should be a service of care and love toward yourself. And remember that this community is here as a space to work on improvement as a team sport. Share this with someone who needs to hear it!

Happy New Year!