Find the Energy

I was recently watching a YouTube Video from Dr. Eric Thomas, aka ET the Hip Hop Preacher.  He said it’s important to pay attention to energy and things that energize.  I have been re-watching that video constantly.  Tony Robbins said in his recent audio interview with SUCCESS magazine that his energy is one of his most important possessions because “with this energy I can do everything.”  Wow.


Here’s one of the main reasons these statements resonate with me.  Stumbling along through life, taking whatever happens to you, and not resisting the status quo often means that daily life seems easy.  There’s no self-directed activity related to larger personal goals to bring any friction.  Sure, bad things are going to happen, just like with everybody. But, when someone sticks his head up and decides to take on new challenges in order to re-redirect the course of his life, the world not only grants victories to that person but also puts him through trials. TRIALS.

Someone experiencing difficulty, rejection, huge mistakes, and burnt bridges may view these trials as losing, being defeated, not having what it takes, being unworthy.  And yet, as long as the person keeps moving forward, putting in more activity, learning from the mistakes, and persisting, he does move closer to the goal.  It’s the law of averages.  So after a person figures that out on a logical level, why would he still want to quit sometimes, and go back to just getting by, same stuff different day?

The process of going through the bumps and hardships can suck the energy out of you! But if you can raise your energy level back up without losing too much time, you can see it through to the finish.  I believe that looks like this: 1. pay attention to what gets you fired up even when you haven’t just scored a goal. Do more of that, and use it to tap into like a battery. Develop the habit of doing what energizes you consistently, daily, even when you don’t think you need to. 2. pay attention to your low moods, loss of confidence, downer feelings, self-pity, feeling stuck, and other low energy moments. When do they happen in your daily life? What comes before those moments? If you can figure out what drains your energy, make a plan to avoid that if possible. If you can’t avoid it, do step 3 as quickly as possible when it happens.  3. Create something to interrupt the low energy and replace it with high energy. Disrupt and shock your system back into a state of belief and activity.  Do you need to listen to a recording, look at some pictures, say some words? Make it something you can always get access to.  Check out Tony Robbins’ videos about saying these “incantations” before going onstage to get himself jacked up for his audience!

If you’re energized during the times of day when you need to be effective, what difference do you think that will make? I believe others respond to high energy. It makes people open to us and what we have to say. It makes our message and our life attractive.  And it’s just more fun to be around energetic people!

Making it to your goals and the life you deserve is the big picture. But all the stuff that happens on the way is part of the rhythm of day to day life. It’s time to be intentional about the energy you bring to each of those days.


Here’s to Your Greatness,