Don’t Forbid the Trials that Grow You

God Forbid
God forbid something should happen
God forbid a hurtful thing should happen to you

Really? If we’re going to shape our language that way and co-opt God into forbidding downfalls or trials, then let’s just be fair and say:
God forbid you do something unexpected and break out of the mold
God forbid…

Why are we recruiting God into our message, trying to get him to forbid something? What if it’s already in His will that “something should happen” because his wisdom is to challenge and temper us into greater versions than that which we would ordinarily become? Just take out the “God forbid” and see what’s going on when fear is kicked out of the picture:

Something should happen
A hurtful thing

Do something unexpected and break out of the mold.

So, would it make more sense to break out of the mold now, in advance, or wait until the hurtful things happen? They’re going to happen anyway! I wonder if you’d be better equipped to handle or even PREVENT the hurtful curveballs of life from decking you in the face if you’d gone 120% on preparing and growing instead of asking God to forbid things from entering your life.

I don’t want to be hard on myself. I want to be harder on my goals than I am on me! I want to apply all the massive energy, inspiration, and hard work to the fight for my freedom and the mission I bring to my community.

Setting goals and failing to reach them is better than not having any current goals. Either you’ll set smaller goals and build your momentum from win to win, or you’ll become so good you hit your big goals anyway.

Don’t get caught in the mistake of wishing away the trials that could make you stronger.

Here’s to Your Greatness,