Core Values here at Partner With Greatness

Hey all, Harding here! I’m very excited to introduce this new content to you, and I’m confident that the way God wired me has resulted in some unique thoughts that will truly add value to your life.  I think about these ideas all the time, and I see the incredible way that joy, meaning, and results are increased when these elements come into play in your life. You can sign up below for the e-book that will go deeper into these areas, but here’s a preview:

Showing Up in a Big Way: There’s no bigger guarantee of mediocrity for your life than refusing to do your best in every situation.  Identify the skills you need to master and practice hard when no one is watching, so you can do well when someone is. Don’t underestimate the push it will take with your inner game and your outer performance to get to the next level.

Joining Great People: I’ve heard it said that if you admire someone, strive to become his equal.  Spending time around people who have great dreams on their hearts is a blessing.  They may be stronger, faster, or wiser than you, but they also have a lot to share, just like you.

Service to Others: I don’t believe we find our purpose and make a difference sitting at home meditating about it. We are built to go out and build, and to serve others.  Everyone is going through a particular challenge when we meet them. If we grow relationships with a mindset of service, it reveals what is great in everyone involved.

Dreaming Big Dreams: You need fuel in your tank.  If you’re going to live out all the above elements, you will need a burning desire to do things that will be impossible without some vision that’s pulling you forward.