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A Prayer for Conquering Your Goals

admin | December 19, 2016

I wrote this in my notebook the other day.  I wrote it for myself because I needed to hear it. Does that make sense? You see, the process of pursuing big dreams is sometimes painful, sometimes discouraging.  However, it’s worth…..

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3 Ways to Add Value to Scary People

admin | December 18, 2016

Let’s say you want to start growing a relationship with someone new. This person is more advanced in several ways, and so there’s some intimidation there! (Hey, I think we’ve all been there). So the small voice in your head…..

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Core Values here at Partner With Greatness

admin | November 3, 2016

Hey all, Harding here! I’m very excited to introduce this new content to you, and I’m confident that the way God wired me has resulted in some unique thoughts that will truly add value to your life.  I think about…..

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