3 Reasons to get a Mentor

Finding a good mentor is a huge benefit, and it’s been critical to my greatness journey.  If you are scared of talking to people or don’t see the point in having a mentor, read on!

1..A good mentor will celebrate your wins and protect your swag. Coach Michael Burt out of Murfreesboro, TN, says that your “swagger” is your most valuable asset.  If you aspire to do anything of value, and take any degree of risk to do it, then life is going to take some shots at you.  Life takes shots at you anyway, but when you stick your neck out, it somehow gets more personal.  And these attacks will tick you off, confuse you, throw you off your game, and tempt you to compare yourself to others in an unhealthy way.  The mentor is a person whose energy will breathe life back into you, even if their words don’t explain it clearly.  Their only intention is to help you become great, and they have the wisdom to know that your trials are just a phase to complete before you grow again.

2. A good mentor will stretch you.  They will ask you questions you never thought of, put you in the hot seat, show you your weak areas, and inspire you with higher level confidence and ability that is currently out of your reach. But that’s the point! You will get the chance to learn these things and make them your own.  You can share your plans and get advice. Learn a better way of doing something and then apply it. A good mentoring relationship should challenge you. If it doesn’t, you haven’t found the right person. Maybe the person you chose could be a good “running partner” for you to build a relationship with, but your mentor should be on another level. By the way, your mentor is allowed to laugh at you sometimes 🙂

3. The last point is really important, and it applies especially to older people. If you’re in your twenties, start with a mentor who’s at least in his mid-thirties.  Getting such a mentor will allow you to see a model of good in-person communication.  This article includes some good statistics about the value of face-to-face networking, including better stronger relationships, decision making, and strategic thinking. The person you choose to mentor you should be a good communicator, and a good listener.  Have the meeting with them in person, and buy their sandwich or coffee.  The way they interact with you will provide you with a good model of how to meet with others in a way that makes them feel appreciated, produces good ideas and solutions, and makes good use of time.  There is no replacement for this bonding time, and you will both come away with a clear vision for who the other person is, and where they are headed. If you ever need this person’s support, their sense of connection with you will not feel very real if they haven’t spent any time eyeball to eyeball with you.  Getting a mentor is a safe way to practice and improve on your overall networking skills. You can even ask them how you can improve based on what they’ve seen you do, and they’ll probably tell you!

Not sure where to find a mentor? Reach out to me at Harding@PartnerWithGreatness.com and I may be able to help you connect with one.


Here’s To Your Greatness!



P.S. If you liked this post, check out this one, too. It talks about how to bring something to the table for your mentor, and add value to his/her life too! That way you don’t have to worry about the relationship being one-sided.